Word From The Chairman

For more than a half-century, YKK North and Central America Group (YKK NCA Group) has been partnering with our customers to provide them high quality fastening and architectural product solutions to meet their ever-changing and increasingly specialized needs. We are keenly aware that our future depends on the growing necessity for speed to market and on our ability to develop new products and to diversify into new markets. YKK NCA Group is one of six regional groups comprising a dynamic worldwide business organization under the leadership of YKK Corporation. We are extremely proud of our YKK® brand fasteners and our YKK AP® brand building products. Through a system of vertically integrated manufacturing, we are able to control the quality of our products by producing many of our own raw materials. With highly efficient manufacturing centers and the commitment and support of our highly skilled employees, we are confident we can continue to diversify and grow in this region. We appreciate our more than 2,400 YKK and YKK AP employees in this hemisphere for the work they do on behalf of our thousands of customers in dozens of industries.

Alex Gregory, Chairman, President and CEO - YKK Corporation of America

Word From Chairman
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